Why Vinyl Goalie Mask Wraps

Goalie Masks are some of the coolest pieces of sports equipment. They can be expressive, they can match the team’s colors, and they can be an art piece that’s talked about for a while! Everyone has their favorites whether it’s the Cujo dog helmet, the Patrick Roy mountain helmet, or newer styles such as Jonathan Quick’s knight’s helmet, or Mike Smith’s Mike Vernon tribute. No matter which one of these is your favorite, they are all painted by hand, and that is very time-consuming and expensive. This is where Competitive Edge Designs comes in. We provide an alternative to painting and still can keep the structural integrity of the helmet. Goalie mask wraps with vinyl provide a more cost-effective alternative to paint that looks great and doesn’t contribute to the breakdown of the helmet.

How does this work?

Vinyl goalie mask wraps have come a long way over the past few years.  Thanks to computers getting better, graphics tablets, and better quality vinyl, you can create anything on your helmet just like on paint. We work a few different ways. We have stock graphics you can select from to install yourself, we also have full stock wraps you can purchase, and install, or we can sit down and design something totally custom. (If you don’t feel comfortable installing it yourself we do that too!). We can add logos, and numbers to match your team too. We offer the ability for your to customize your helmet like the pros!


Why vinyl?

As mentioned above, vinyl has come a long way. Vinyl is, for the most part, cheaper than paint. This is because we are designing it once, then print, and then installing. With paint, you sit down with an artist to sketch out some ideas, then they redraw those ideas on a helmet, then they remove all the padding, and then, paint the helmet, and then re-install the padding. That is very tedious and very expensive. With vinyl since it’s all digital, there are no extra steps… it goes from the computer, to print, to the helmet. There is no padding removal no extra sketching.

In addition to it being more cost-effective, with vinyl, you don’t have to remove padding, which may void the warranty of helmets. Vinyl lays right on top of the helmet and since it’s a dry medium, there is no need to remove the padding from the shell. In addition to that, some paints may cause a breakdown in the chemical makeup of the composite materials of the shell. This could eventually jeopardize the structural integrity of the helmet and also void the helmet’s warranty. Goalie mask wraps are becoming more popular due to these reasons as well. We can help you create the mask you want.


If you’re looking for a more cost-effective, safer option, that allows you to create the mask design you have always wanted, then vinyl is the way to go. Goalie mask wraps have come a long way and Competitive Edge Design is helping provide a more cost-effective alternative to paint that looks great and doesn’t contribute to the breakdown of the helmet.