Why is vinyl better for inexpensive goalie helmets?

Vinyl wraps are a great choice for all goalie helmets. However, they are an amazing choice for any helmet that uses a Lexan or plastic shell. Most of the helmets priced under $400 have a plastic shell, such as the Bauer 930. What makes a vinyl wrap great is that they don’t have any chemicals that will alter plastic. Some of the paints that professional airbrush artists use can damage or take away the integrity of that plastic shell. This causes the plastic to become weaker and ultimately could put you in harm’s way.

This is where vinyl comes in. A vinyl wrap doesn’t have any chemicals and can be easily applied like a sticker to your helmet. We can help you get the design you want and even install it on your helmet for you. The premium vinyl we use looks great on plastic helmet shells and can give you the customized look you always wanted!