What is a DIY Kit?

Having a custom helmet is something every goalie dreams about. It allows the goalie to stand out and make their helmet personal. It’s part of the reason some of us play the position. If we all play pro hockey and have a top-end salary, we can get 2 or 3 paint jobs on custom helmets every year. However, most of us don’t play pro hockey. That is where Competitive Edge Design came up with the idea of DIY Kits.

A Competitive Edge Do It Yourself Kit or DIY Kit is made from top-grade vinyl. It comes with instructions on how to install the kit on your helmet yourself. This allows our goalies to choose a DIY Kit, and customize it with their colors and logo. We then break down the design into 3-4 pieces that will allow any adult to install the kit (with a little patience and heat gun / hair dryer).

These DIY Kits sell for less than $100! They are a great, affordable way for any goalie to get a customized helmet that will look great, and match their team!