Install Guide

Step 1

Use a terry cloth to remove any dust, water, or any other dirt from the mask's exterior. For best results, your mask should be dry.


Step 2

Start by peeling your first detail. Peel slowly and lightly. Place it on your helmet. You may need to place it a few times to get it just right. 


Step 3

Measure out the lower graphic first. Place it and remove backing. Apply from the center and spread equally with fingers. You may apply heat to help stretch the vinyl. Once in place and applied, continue to firmly apply pressure on the vinyl until it's secure. Trim away the excess with a knife. 


Step 4

Repeat step 3 with side graphic pieces. Continue to add heat and press out any air bubbles. Remove excess with a knife.


Step 5

The top pieces are the hardest and may require some patients. After peeling away the back, start in the center of the graphic and lay it out on top. Slowly and carefully start applying heat and pressure to get the vinyl to stick. Once in place start slowly working from the middle out. After application, cut away any excess.


Step 6

Once your design is in place, make sure to use your knife to cut out any holes. If you have any bubbles, continue to press them out. You can poke a small hole and release the air that way. If you have ridges, try heating and pressing them out. Please allow 24 hours after installation before putting the cage and straps back on.