How much does a wrap cost?

A goalie’s style can be very important to them and an important part of that style is a great-looking helmet. Up until a few years ago, there were really only 2 ways to do a “custom” helmet, paint and a sticker kit. The sticker kits were very cheap and very basic, and the paint is very expensive. However, now with vinyl technology and the different types, you can make a vinyl wrap that is custom and looks almost like an airbrushed design.

A vinyl wrap does cost less than paint. However, there are several factors that go into the cost. We have some pre-designed kits that are cheaper. We also can include small personable touches to make it custom such as team color, logo, and number for each one of our kits. Those start at around $100 (USD). Each kit has an instruction guide with it or we can also install it for a small fee too. These kits are great for a goalie at any level that is wanting a great-looking helmet without breaking the bank.

We also can do custom work with our vinyl! This is a bit more expensive because we get our artist involved, and the install time might go up depending on the design and how our wrap needs to be laid out on your helmet. We welcome all budgets and ideas and will try to find a solution to bring that goalie’s idea to life. Of course, the more complex the idea the more time is involved, which means a higher project cost. A typical timeline for a custom design takes 2-4 weeks and depends on how complex the design is, the helmet, and the size of the helmet.

We love working with goalies to bring their ideas to life. If you want to show off your style, we can help! Let us help you bring your style to your game!