Am I limited With Vinyl?

One of the questions we have gotten about vinyl is, are we limited? The short answer is no. For the most part, almost anything that can be done with airbrush paint, can be done with vinyl…with some exceptions. Some of the glitter effects and brush textures (glow in the dark paint…) might not be able to be duplicated in PhotoShop, but for most of our clients, we can get the desired effect.

The longer answer is we are not limited. However, the desired effects may determine the price / how much to print. For example, if we would like to do a tear graphic, with a shadow effect, depending on the helmet base color, it may be best to do a full wrap instead of a kit. The reason why is let’s say the helmet base color is blue, we are going to print on white vinyl. We can try and match the shadow on the blue, by laying a blue base layer in PhotoShop and then creating our shadows over top. This may work for smaller shadows / highlight effects.  If the tear is larger, we may want to do a full wrap to ensure we don’t have patches of mismatched blues (base color of helmets). There are other graphic ideas such as lightning bolts or items that have an opacity to them where, depending on size, may turn your idea from a sticker kit to a wrap. However, at the end of the day you can achieve almost the same desired effect of paint in a vinyl wrap!